Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poetry Month

Today ends our month-long poetry celebration.

Thanks to all the generous and wonderful presenters & poets in the Beehive community that gave voice to poetry this month.

They continued a communal conversation started in January with the Reading of the Presidents.
Both projects explore and examine the many threads of thought and idea expressed in words that weave the complex and brilliant tapestry of our humanity.

Thanks for participating!

Wed 1-Apr Jack Scollay Robert Frost
Thurs 2-Apr OPEN READING Readers Welcome!
Fri 3-Apr Forrest Amidon Robert Browning
Sat 4-Apr Keith Flint Octavio Paz
Sun 5-Apr Tony Heald Percy Bysshe Shelley
Mon 6-Apr Open Reading Readers Welcome!
Tues 7-Apr Butch Weller Phil Liggett
Wed 8-Apr Ed Hunter T.S. Eliot
Thurs 9-Apr Tom Slayton Robert Burns
Fri 10-Apr Jerry Kelly Robert Creeley
Sat 11-Apr Vicki Lefevre Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sun 12-Apr Easter Sunday Closed
Mon 13-Apr Bob Flanagan Philip Larkin
Tues 14-Apr Don Bennington John Donne
Wed 15-Apr Rev. Charles Wilson  William Butler Yeats
Thurs 16-Apr Steve Davenport Poet OWU Literary Fest
Thurs 16-Apr Emily Katitus Her poetry
Fri 17-Apr Brent Carson Carl Sandburg
Sat 18-Apr Fred Andrle His Poetry
Sun 19-Apr John Bennett His Poetry
Mon 20-Apr Don Love Ogden Nash
Tues 21-Apr Mary Kay Love Longfellow
Wed 22-Apr April Nelson Poetic Medley
Thurs 23-Apr Margo Bartlett Billy Collins
Fri 24-Apr Guillermo Arango Spanish Language Poets
Sat 25-Apr Debbie Rhodes Maya Angelou
Sun 26-Apr Nancy M. Thompson Christina Rosetti
Sun 25-Apr Stuart Lishan & Terry Hermsen   A Poetic Conversation
Mon 27-Apr Robert Flanagan Nonsense Verse
Tues 28-Apr Lyman Leathers Emily Dickinson
Wed 29-Apr Bill Hanning Abe Lincoln
Wed 29-Apr Tom Slayton Robert Burns
Thur30-Apr Daniel Montoly Langston Hughes

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