Thursday, January 29, 2009

Join our Presidential Parade Everyday at NOON!

In honor of President's Day, the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, and the recent inauguration of our new president, we are celebrating for 44 days!

Every day at NOON we hear a local person speak the words of our president. We started on Jan 18th with George Washington and will go until March 2 with Barack Obama. Our readers are from the local community, read for about 10 minutes, and are giving some fascinating background information as well.

We've had participants from all parts of our community including a very articulate and informed middle school student, judges, realators, teachers, writers, a bailiff, bankers, attorneys, retired & active professors, a reverend, a pastor, a doctor, small business owners, students....well as you can see, from all parts of our community.

Here is the entire schedule of readers.
Please join us to hear these speakers bring our presidents to life.
Bring your lunch or grab a coffee & a snack here.

Sun 18-Jan George Washington Tom Conrad
Mon 19-Jan John Adams Linda Heid
Tues 20-Jan Thomas Jefferson Tom Slayton
Wed 21-Jan James Madison Judge Sunderman
Thurs 22-Jan James Monroe George Conti
Fri 23-Jan John Quincy Adams Jack Scollay
Sat 24-Jan Andrew Jackson Dean Skipton
Sun 25-Jan Martin Van Buren Anna Hurley
Mon 26-Jan Wm Henry Harrison Tuesday Trippier
Tues 27-Jan John Tyler Corinne Lyman
Wed 28-Jan James K. Polk Toby Boyce
Thurs 29-Jan Zachary Taylor Teresa Watkins
Fri 30-Jan Millard Fillmore Judge David Gormley
Sat 31-Jan Franklin Pierce Dan Bennington
Sun 1-Feb James Buchanan Mike Rush
Mon 2-Feb Abraham Lincoln Russ Martin, Dean Skipton
Tues 3-Feb Andrew Johnson Abraham Gustavson
Wed 4-Feb Ulysses S. Grant Don Love
Thurs 5-Feb Rutherford B. Hayes Brent Carson
Fri 6-Feb James A. Garfield Dave Hejmanowski
Sat 7-Feb Chester A. Arthur Jake Myers
Sun 8-Feb Grover Cleveland Tony Heald
Mon 9-Feb Benjamin Harrison Griffin Waterman
Tues 10-Feb Grover Cleveland Butch Weller
Wed 11-Feb William McKinley Lori Dunlap-Flint
Thurs 12-Feb Theodore Roosevelt Rev. Charles Wilson
Fri1 13-Feb William H. Taft Chad Heald
Sat 14-Feb Woodrow Wilson Conrad Kent
Sun 15-Feb Warren G. Harding Tom Herring
Mon 16-Feb Calvin Coolidge Margo Bartlett
Tues 17-Feb Herbert Hoover Dave Steigerwald
Wed 18-Feb Franklin D. Roosevelt Mary Kay Love
Thurs 19-Feb Harry Truman Pat Hubbell
Fri 20-Feb Dwight D. Eisenhower Joan McLean
Sat 21-Feb John F. Kennedy Darlene Greenwood
Sun 22-Feb Lyndon B. Johnson Linda Shearer
Mon 23-Feb Richard Nixon Tom Slayton
Tues 24-Feb Gerald R. Ford Marianne Gabel
Wed 25-Feb Jimmy Carter Tim Chesser
Thurs 26-Feb Ronald Reagan Lisa Ho
Fri 27-Feb George H.W. Bush Dave Yost
Sat 28-Feb William J. Clinton Braden Kessler
Sun 1-Mar George W. Bush Nicole Endicott
Mon 2-Mar Barack Obama Kathleen O' Neill

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