Sunday, December 19, 2010

'And for many of us, buying a book isn't just about reading it, it's about owning it. What's on our shelves is as telling as what we put on our walls.
"I think real readers will always buy books," said Raab. "Books are as important to art as decoration, as whatever you want to call it, to real book people as the art on our walls. It speaks about who we are. So I don't really believe that will change."'

-Excerpted from Judging Books by Their Covers  from Sunday Morning on CBS news.

This links to an interesting discussion about the advent of the E-Book, what it means for printed books, and the concept of the book cover as artistic expression all on its own. Does anyone remember the tape vs EP/LP battle?  Is the book cover (and the words between) doomed to go the way of the record?  We hope not and this article provides some compelling reasons why E-books may provide an alternative, but never a direct competition. Besides, a shelf full of iPads can get expensive in a hurry, Curling up with a Nook in front of the fire is not as nice as a book in a nook, and that book smell (both old and new) is hard to get over in internet so far.

As an added note, we still have plenty of bestsellers left for you or your favorite reader. Get them while they last before Christmas! We  can still order books up until Tuesday for pre-Christmas delivery in most cases.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Unique Gifts at Beehive Books!

The original designer reusable bag: Envirosax!
Envirosax help spread the environmental message with style. Eco-chic Envirosax are made of durable waterproof lightweight polyester, built for toughness and extra strength.
Beehive Books carries the shopping bag as well as a lunch bag, with many fabulous patterns & colors to choose from!

 Cuddle up with these cuties this holiday season!  The K'NITS
 are soft, cuddley, and safe for children of all ages. 
Choose a watch as unique as the wearer with these delightful children's watches with ranging designs and colors, from butterflies to baseball. 

Fed up with all the technology this holiday season? Try a Paper Tweet by KNOCK KNOCK, and peruse our wide selection of laugh out loud KNOCK KNOCK merchandise. 

Have a sweet tooth to shop for? 
Try our selection of chocolate goodies
to stuff the stockings with!

Charm your favorite tea drinker with this
'Tea Duckie' tea infuser

Any gal will love this 'camera bag' purse!
Also available in black!

I AM NOT A PAPER CUP! Cups, lids, sleeves - all dishwasher friendly! Go green in style.

Support your fav local bookstore with
these awesome socks!
Adorable (and lavender scented!) paperweights
do an excellent job of keeping your papers
tidy, while adding charm to your home or

Sweet, cozy book ends give your bookshelf
some character!
These adorable, handmade shirts & onesies
make a unique gift for any tot on your list.

Locally made, these knit hats are warm and super soft
Sure to please!

Your teen will love this trendy 'love songs' tape
change purse!

Craft time just got more exciting!
40 pages of'Create-a-Person' will be a fun
 activity for young ones

An abacus is a fun and educational
toy! Have fun while learning numbers
and counting!

Market Spice smells heavenly and festive,
citrusy orange & spicy cinnamon. Candles,
cookies, and tea make the perfect gift set.

GO BUCKS! Get your Buckeye gifts here! 

Can't forget Fido's present under the tree!
Share the love with these heart shaped
ice cube trays!

Beehive Books pint glasses -
coffee mugs available as well!

Stop in Beehive Books this holiday season for many more unique gifts and, as always, our wide variety of books! Any book you're looking for you'll be sure to find, and if we don't have it here, we will gladly order it for you! We're looking forward to seeing you!!

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