Sunday, December 19, 2010

'And for many of us, buying a book isn't just about reading it, it's about owning it. What's on our shelves is as telling as what we put on our walls.
"I think real readers will always buy books," said Raab. "Books are as important to art as decoration, as whatever you want to call it, to real book people as the art on our walls. It speaks about who we are. So I don't really believe that will change."'

-Excerpted from Judging Books by Their Covers  from Sunday Morning on CBS news.

This links to an interesting discussion about the advent of the E-Book, what it means for printed books, and the concept of the book cover as artistic expression all on its own. Does anyone remember the tape vs EP/LP battle?  Is the book cover (and the words between) doomed to go the way of the record?  We hope not and this article provides some compelling reasons why E-books may provide an alternative, but never a direct competition. Besides, a shelf full of iPads can get expensive in a hurry, Curling up with a Nook in front of the fire is not as nice as a book in a nook, and that book smell (both old and new) is hard to get over in internet so far.

As an added note, we still have plenty of bestsellers left for you or your favorite reader. Get them while they last before Christmas! We  can still order books up until Tuesday for pre-Christmas delivery in most cases.

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