Saturday, March 17, 2012

Robert Flanagan Reading Monday 3/26 @ 7pm

Please join us on Monday, March 26 at 7 p.m. as Delaware author Bob Flanagan reads from his new short story collection, Fight Night.

Flanagan is the author of the acclaimed Marine Corps novel Maggot and the short story collections Naked to Naked Goes and Loving Power. Born in Toledo, he studied at the University of Chicago and served as Professor of English and Director of the Creative Writing program at Ohio Wesleyan University, retiring in 2010. He lives in Delaware with his wife, Katy, and works out in a basement gym featuring a heavy bag, a peanut bag (“speed bag”) and a boom-box.

Nan Byrne, a writer and producer, has high praise for Fight Night. “Like a perfect left hook hitting America’s mid-section, Flanagan’s new collection of stories packs a powerful wallop,” she said. “Inside this book you will find spit and towel tales of the bruised and battered, jammed-fingered, broken-down and bloody-nosed, but still-resilient souls who come out swinging in that “cap down and collar up” corner of the universe where glory dreams collide with the hard-knock life. From the salty reminisces of a worn-out prize fighter to the liquid dreams of a youngster steeling for his first schoolyard fight, Flanagan’s brutally-honest prose floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee sent straight to the heart.”

Fight Night was recently published by XOXOX, located in Gambier, Ohio.

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