Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thurs 2/23 @ 7pm In or Out? Talk & Discussion

In or Out?

Discussions about faith tend to hover around this sort of a question - are you in?  Or maybe, more real for most of us - are you out?  If that's the primary way we think about faith and/or religion, then we are required to define and defend boundaries in order to determine who's on the inside and who's on the outside.  That kind of discourse is incredibly hostile and divisive - and ultimately not very helpful to anyone.  BUT, what if there was a different way to consider faith.  What if the boundaries weren't the primary way by which we should consider a life of faith?  What if there was a more authentic way to talk about our spiritual journeys as individuals and communities?  What if that way even provided a framework for humble discussion?  Come and find out....

Join in the discussion led by Robb Morgan of the Delaware City Vineyard Pastoral Team.

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