Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leslie Noyes Mass Book Talk Thursday 9/15 @ 7:00pm

Leslie Noyes Mass author of the newly published book Back To Pakistan: A Fifty-Year Journey will give a presentation about the book Thursday 9/15 @ 7pm at Beehive Books.

In 1962, Mass graduated from college and joined the fledgling Peace Corps. She was assigned to Pakistan to start an educational program in a small Muslim village, where she was the only Westerner and only Peace Corps volunteer. She left after a year, feeling she had not made an impact.

50 years later, she returned to find a much-changed Pakistan and a village that still remembered her. In her book, she deftly interweaves journal entries from her Peace Corps experience with her current volunteer work training female teachers for a Pakistani non-governmental organization.

In a series of interviews with Pakistanis from every social class, Mass gives voice to those who are taking responsibility for their country’s educational problems and addressing challenges within the tradition, culture and religious understanding of their people.

Mass also is the author of “In Beauty May She Walk,” about her experience hiking the Appalachian Trail at age 60. She earned a Ph.D. at Ohio State University in early and middle education and was director of the Early Childhood Center at Ohio Wesleyan University, from which she retired in 2007.

Mass is donating her proceeds from the sale of the book to The Citizens Foundation, a Pakistani NGO that supports education for girls in Pakistan.

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