Friday, August 27, 2010


Like all of Suzanne Collins' fans, I waited for a year for this book, Mockingjay, and finished it over two days. I am left feeling completely drained yet ultimately satisfied. It wasn't the ending I hoped for or anticipated, but it felt right and true to its characters, with a ray of hope for the future and for mankind.
The book is surprising in many ways.  Katniss is no longer a confident warrior battling defined evil. Instead, she is a reluctant heroine and sometimes pawn for the rebels in their war against the Capitol.  She is more alone in this book than ever before. While her old friend Gale is at her side, he is preoccupied with the war, developing advanced technological weapons for the rebels. Her other companion and love interest, Peeta, has been captured by the Capitol and is been tortured. Her mother and younger sister are now with her in District 13, but they are so busy trying to save wounded soldiers, and Katniss herself is so pulled by duty, they spend virtually no time together. War and survival is all anyone can think of. Close relationships -- and trust -- are nearly non-existent. Yet just when you think it's completely hopeless, there is some redemption and a reason to go on.  Mockingjay is an exciting and thought-provoking and successful conclusion to a fabulous series for both adult and young adult audiences.-- Erin


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