Monday, July 26, 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird Reading

1 Book, 323 pages, 30 Chapters, 40 people,
11 hours and 40 minutes to read.

A very special thank you to all our To Kill a Mockingbird readers
(in order of appearance):

Bob Flanagan
Keith Flint
Amanda Lobdell
Eileen Watters
Don Love
Mary Kay Love
Erin MacLellan
Lynn Exline
Melanie Miller
Rich Edwards
Lydia Gray
Lily Wiest
Ellen Stitt
Paul Kostyu
Rachel Miller
Tony Heald
Corrine Lyman
Casey Clark
Susan McKinley
Kathy Chesser
Tim Chesser
Elizabeth Kuchers
Graham Bowling
Caitlin Green
Tom Bosco
Lauren Neidhardt
Neil Neidhardt
Michelle Howes
Debbie Fowler
Susan McLaughlin
Erik Burgeson
Megan Good
Kelley Hubbard
Carrie Wirick
Jennifer Baxley's father Bill (sorry we didn't get your last name)
Robin Wells
Tom Hering
Kathleen Neds
Leslie Beyer
Terry Hermsen

Many readers shared stories of their first encounter with this important novel, and the affect it has had on their lives. The experiences discussed, and the breadth and depth of the impact felt, were as diverse as the disparate collection of readers listed. Along with the obvious considerations of race, class, and disability, were some rather personal and provocative conversations about wisdom, patience, humility, and the exploration of the existence of those whom either choose -- or, indeed, are condemned -- to live a life outside that which "society" considers to be the acceptable norm.

Thank you for celebrating Harper Lee’s beloved American novel with us! It was a privilege to share this reading experience with our community.

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